Pessoa, Borges e Khayyam…

«This possible friendship between Pessoa and Borges would be of a literary and metaphysical[12] nature. It would be between two men who saw themselves as momentary dreams of God and that dedicated each moment of their life to the poetic exercise and to dream, so that their readers could recognize themselves as dreams and manifestations of God. It would be a trans-temporal trans-spacial friendship, surprising and mysterious, such as the collaboration between FitzGerald and Khayyam, that has inspired and fascinated them in many ways, some of which were briefly presented in this essay.

It would be – and it is – a caravan of names, faces and poets, mirroring each other in the eternal hiding and revealing of the “secret Dreamer”. In the streets of an imaginary Persia, whose eastern roses and taverns can also be seen in those two edges of the West: Portugal and Argentina.»

[12] “Pessoa and Borges, a metaphysical friendship” was the title of a presentation given by Pablo Javier Pérez López on March 24, 2014, at the Casa Fernando Pessoa during the workshop Pessoa and Borges in Lisbon.

Fabrizio Boscaglia, «Pessoa, Borges and Khayyam», Variaciones Borges, 40 (2015), pp. 54-55.