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BOSCAGLIA, Fabrizio, «Fernando Pessoa and Islam: an introductory overview with a critical edition of twelve documents», Pessoa Plural – a Journal of Fernando Pessoa Studies, 9 (2016), 38-109.

BOSCAGLIA, Fabrizio; BRAGA, Duarte Drumond (guest editors), Pessoa Plural – A Journal of Fernando Pessoa Studies, 9 (2016), Special issue Orient and Orientalism.

BOSCAGLIA, Fabrizio, «Pessoa, Borges and Khayyam», Variaciones Borges, 40 (2015), 41-64.

BOSCAGLIA, Fabrizio, «Presence of Islamic philosophy in unpublished writings by the young Fernando Pessoa», in Pessoa Plural: a Journal of Fernando Pessoa Studies, University of Brown, Warwick University, Universidad de Los Andes, Directors Onésimo Almeida, Paulo de Medeiros, Jerónimo Pizarro, 3 (2013), 151-190.

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